Ways to Get More People to Watch Your Marketing Video

Why Do You Need to Promote Your Marketing Videos?

Video MarketingSure, you’ve seen the marketing stats. People spend more time online consuming video than doing anything else. YouTube says the time people spend on their site doubles every year. With a ready market, it seems like video is a great way to capture the attention of a ready audience. Well, lots of folks might be watching videos; however, there are also a lot of videos online.

Tips to Increase Your Marketing Video Audience

If you want to capture an audience, you might need to promote your marketing videos to give them a bit of momentum.  Videos that get watched tend to rank higher, so then they may start generating more views on their own.

Here are some test ways to get that initial boost for your video marketing campaigns:

  • Let your subscribers know about your videos: Did you know that emails with videos tend to perform better? In fact, even using the word “video” in the title can help. If you’ve already worked to gain an audience of subscribers, you might as well let them know about your new content first. Sure, you can use video to collect email leads, but you can also offer video to your existing leads.
  • Answer questions with videos: Have you tried promoting your business with third-party sites that crowd source answers to questions. If not, you might try this very effective way to gain brand recognition. Also, your video resource can really stand out in a line of text-based answers that are probably not that well formatted or organized.
  • Feature new videos on business YouTube channels: If you’ve already established a YouTube channel, you might as well feature you new arrivals for awhile. This gives them a chance to get some attention from your established and already ranking content.
  • Post videos to social networks: Some social sites emphasize video content. Even sites that used to mainly feature text and graphics have become more friendly to videos. For instance, Facebook and Twitter users find that videos do very well as posts and as ads. You might want to construct shorter and catchier video teasers that direct viewers to the longer videos that you display on your website or upload to sites like YouTube.

Social Sites for Video Marketing

There are a some things you can do to make your video marketing more effective on social sites. For instance, you shouldn’t just share your new video one time and expect everybody to see it. This is particularly true on sites like Twitter with feeds that are constantly filling up and moving fast. If you post the first thing in the morning, you know that your followers will probably miss it if they don’t check their feed until after lunch.

You Can’t Expect People to Find Your Video Marketing on Their Own

You probably crafted a fine video to help promote your business, smooth out some aspect of customer service, or support another business goal. However, you can’t expect your audience to find it on their own. Maximize your investment by making sure that your content gets viewed by the right people. This way, you can reap even more benefits from all of the people online who enjoy watching video on their computers and smart phone.


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