Great Places to Download Free Business Templates

Best Sources of Free Business Templates

business templates for freeYou don’t always have to reinvent the wheel or budget for customized template design. That is, you don’t have to stretch your budget just to have forms designed if you know where to find suitable templates on the internet.

Of course, you might hesitate before downloading files from just any website. That’s why this resource focused finding resources from name-brand companies that should take care with the quality of their content, even when they offer it for free.

Where Can You Download Free Templates for Business?

To save you time, consider this list of good and official websites to download free business templates that you can use to create your forms and documents.

  • Microsoft has all sorts of business templates that you can use with Word or Word-compatible word processors. You can find everything from a template for an elevator pitch to several different designs for printing your own business cards. Since these come from an official Microsoft site, you can bet that they are safe to download. If you use an incompatible word processor, these won’t work for you.
  • This online magazine has kindly provided a huge resource that links to almost any sort of business form you could imagine. These range for templates for an original business plan to marketing plans to forms for job applications.
  • Office Depot: Most of you probably think of Office Depot as the place to run through for ink cartridges or scanners and to charge up your business credit card. However, this company kindly offers plenty of free office documents on their official website. Surprisingly, the company maintains a vast resources of free templates. These range from templates for government contracting to balance sheets to privacy policies.

Good business templates can help you refine your business practices. They will look professional and remind you of certain items that you might have accidentally left out. Of course, you are free to customize the documents for your own business and might not need everything the template includes. Hopefully, these online resources can help you create most of the documents that you will need.


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