How to Use Facebook to Make Buyer Personas

Gathering Buyer Persona Data From Facebook Pages

Facebook Insights for Buyer PersonasNew companies tend to struggle when they need to gather demographic data in order to make buyer personas. However, even if you don’t actually have a lot of customers yet, you can gain plenty of insights if you have an active Facebook page.

If you haven’t created a Facebook page or attracted an audience, that might be an excellent step to take in the near future. At the same time, you can learn something from Facebook even if you are the only member of your page. Of course, you’ll learn more if you have gathered up a collection of followers.

Using Facebook Insights for Buyer Personas

You can get started with Facebook Insights by clicking the link in this sentence. You’ll see two options:

  • Everyone on Facebook: This option lets you view general demographic information for everybody on Facebook. This might be somewhat useful for your marketing. At least, it might tell you if this social site is one that you should try to market on or not.
  • Your pages: After you click this option, scroll down about halfway. You will see an option to choose people connected to your own business page.

Either way, you can learn many valuable things about your audience. Some examples include  education level, gender, relationship status, and much more.

Facebook Surveys for Buyer Personas and More

You can learn a lot from Facebook Insights, but you might want to know more. Did you know that you can also run attractive surveys right inside this social sites? This link takes you to the official Facebook Surveys app page.

Not only can you directly ask consumes what you want to know, you can also use surveys to help improve engagement and reach. Yes, you can promote these surveys to a much larger audience than the fans you already have, and you can also use them to attract more fans.

If You’re Business is Already on Facebook, You Can Start Today

Marketers usually make buyer surveys as one of the very first steps in their marketing plan. They provide the blueprint that makes it easier to figure out where to promote and who to promote to. It’s also much easier to create content and close sales if you have a pretty detailed idea of the kind of buyers you hope to appeal to.

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