Effective Ways to Improve Mobile Marketing App Engagement

Why Care About Mobile Marketing App Engagement?

Mobile Marketing AppsMobile development companies and marketers who boast about the number of downloads that they get for marketing apps may find themselves bragging about one of the fuzzy metrics. You might compare that to a trucking site marketer bragging that a cat video got a lot of shares on Facebook.  It’s great to enjoy lots of downloads from interested users, but downloads won’t tell a company how much the app has helped increase profits, improve brand recognition, or support business goals.

Better mobile app metrics for marketing might include:

  • How often people use the marketing app on their phone
  • How long people spend on the app
  • Ways the app generates revenue, improves customer service, or helps meet other goals

Recent studies demonstrate that mobile device users tend to spend over 50 percent of their time on their favorite two mobile apps. As their preference for apps decrease, the amount of time that people spend using the app decreases dramatically. Mobile marketing app businesses can’t just invest in promotion to get a lot of downloads. They also need to invest in engagement to try to become one of their user’s favorite apps.

Tips to Improve Mobile Marketing App Engagement

Do you want tablet and smart phone users to download and use your mobile marketing application? If so, consider these suggestions:

  • Consider using mobile tooltips: Tooltips are little popup blurbs that may appear when users access specific features, first try the app, and when new app features get released. They help with onboarding and they help promote various features. Good tooltip software provides analytics information to help marketers tune and test their tips.
  • Consider push notifications: Some mobile apps might not get used that often just because of their nature. Some examples might be apps associated with local businesses or travel. Push notifications can remind users about the app and notify them about new features or specials. Consider using these sparingly to strike a balance between increasing engagement and becoming a pest.
  • Always offer value: People spend a lot of time with mobile apps these days, but as you surely know, there are also lots of mobile apps that you need to compete with. You should consider your mobile marketing app’s unique value proposition when you design, develop, and promote your application. Can the app provide entertainment, help people save money, or make some task easier? If so, let people know. You should offer value to mobile users and make sure they know what that value is.
  • Consider different types of content: Your typical audience may be interested in different kinds of content. Certainly, apps may include features that help them shop, find promotions, or communicate with you. To help with this, you might consider marketing videos, text, and graphics.
  • Work on speed, reliability, and a great user experience: It might be obvious that your app needs to work well, be easy to navigate, and offer a great value. However, it always has to have these attributes, and they can’t just be important when you first release. Offer upgrades, fix issues, and make your company open to feedback.

Keep Your Audience’s Attention With Smart Mobile App Features and Design

Many marketers argue that it’s a lot cheaper to keep users than to always have to seek new ones. Of course, you hope to attract a lot of downloads. At the same time, you hope to keep the users that you have already attracted engaged with your mobile marketing app. If they don’t use it, it won’t help grow business. Your good app design, value proposition, and great user experience can help you promote your app to a wide audience, and of course, it can also help you keep that audience’s attention.


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