6 Ways to Collect More Email Leads Fast

Rapid Email List Building

Email List Building FastSo, you’ve got your nice lead box all set up. It’s got a big headline that lets site visitors know they can JOIN FOR FREE. What’s the problem? The problem is that people visit your page, consume your content, and then fail to join your email list.

Six Tips to Convert Visitors to List Members Fast

Building a base of email subscribers that you can turn into leads is a great idea. The problem is that everybody is doing it now, so you’ve got to do it better. If you have never tried to build a list or haven’t done so well when you did try, consider these ideas to increase those visitor-to-lead conversion rates quickly:

  1. Work on Your Lead Magnet: Naturally, we hope you download our free book: Lead Magnet Checklist & Ideas. It’s usually not enough to simply advertise that your newsletter or updates are free. People visit your site looking for real answers to questions, and they are more likely to offer you an email address or other contact information if they believe you have solutions.
  2. Consider Content Upgrades: Many advertisers enjoy incredibly high visitor-to-lead conversion rates when they offer customized content that is specifically tailored to a specific blog post. This is actually not that hard to do with email marketing software and a WordPress plugin or two. You can add everybody to the same list but simply route them to a different thank-you page with the appropriate download. This article has some how-to specifics.
  3. Give visitors options: Are you only collecting emails? Maybe you should offer them a chance to use their cell phone number instead. Actually, text messaging lists do very well these days because people are more likely to read them and read them quickly.
  4. Test different positions: Where should you put your lead box? You might simply be adding it to a blind spot that visitors don’t pay attention to. Should you put your lead form in the sidebar, at the bottom of content, or display it as a popup? Look at some heat maps to see where visitor’s eyes typically travel to when they visit a new page. You’ll probably find that position matters a lot more than you thought it did.
  5. Test different headlines: Writing an enticing headline in a few words is a skill. If you’re not a pro, you might engage one if you want to invest in capturing leads. In any case, you need to know what issues might impact your site’s visitors in order to predict how you can attract them. Sometimes, you might come up with the perfect lead headline by just thinking about your audience. After all, the offer is for them and not you.
  6. Test different content: Would your audience prefer a one-page template, an eBook, or a video? Is the topic of your content missing the mark? You have two ways to find out. You could utilize a survey on your site or on your social pages. Otherwise, you might just test some different content types on your site to see which ones perform the best.

Always Provide Value

If you are very credible, you might entice new subscribers by only offering your subscription. You have to remember that most small business marketers don’t have that luxury. In fact, they intend to use their newsletter or other subscription benefits to help improve their credibility.

They need to offer value with their request for contact information. Site visitors might find discount offers, solutions, or any number of other things valuable. By offering value, you will benefit your own business because your subscribers will begin to value you as well!


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